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We are a heart-centered, community based yoga studio rooted in traditional yoga since 2008. We believe in living a life full of joy, gratitude, and free of judgement. These principals inform and guide our core teachings and practices at Tulaa Yoga. Our focus is on helping students better connect to themselves and their surroundings. We offer a variety of classes, workshops, trainings and more to help all of our students achieve balance in their body, breath, and mind. We have been committed to serving the local community by keeping our prices affordable and our studio welcoming to all.  We hope you’ll join us on this fun and inspiring path.



Jessica Pucci

When I first stepped into a yoga class in 2000, I never anticipated how much it would change my life. Patience, openness, the commitment to show up on my mat, respecting my body’s boundaries, learning to connect with sensation and my breath and the willingness to be in the present moment was something I wanted to share with others. Yoga has been influential in so many aspects of my life; the yoga mat is where I truly realized my passion. My mother and I opened Tulaa in 2008 and I began teaching later that year. Over the years this studio has changed and grown so much, but the support and love within these walls has not. This space feels like home and the people have become like family to me. Tulaa is a place that always allows me to slow down and pause to enjoy the life I’m creating. We might not be the largest studio, but we are filled to the brim with love and some of the most amazing people on this Earth. I love this work! Creating, learning, growing, healing; to be of service to myself and others. With over 19 years of movement practice and over a decade of teaching yoga, I am ecstatic to be speaking my truth through Tulaa Yoga Studio.  

Now for the “technical stuff”…I’m a certified RYT with The Himalayan Institute, Registered Barre Instructor, Restorative Yoga Instructor and Alchemical Astrology Certified. We have been offering Yoga Teacher Trainings with an emphasis on traditional teaching and yoga philosophy since 2010. Teaching has truly become my passion - to promote positive body image, creating a safe container for personal empowerment through yoga and inner exploration - helping others to grow, transform, stay present, and discover themselves; body, mind and spirit. Other than teaching, I love to travel, connect with nature, read, tinker with being a home barista (coffee!), dabble in photography, create, do anything that will make me laugh, decorate and re-decorate, attend workshops, and without question…work to provide a space that feels like home (Tulaa)! 

Diana Hoscheit

Diana Hoscheit believes a practice that emphasizes safe alignment with mindful transitions in and out of postures translates to the ability to move through life with grace. Come to your mat, drop all of your roles and responsibilities, and join her in a moving meditation that invites you to connect with self and spirit. Curiosity is what brought Diana to her first yoga class in 2003. The immediate physical benefits of the practice, including a complete remission of a hematological disorder, kept her coming back. In the spirit of sharing the transformative power of yoga with others, she began teaching in the fall of 2006. She completed the 2006-2007 Empowered Yoga & Verge Power Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training Program and furthered her studies in 2010, completing a 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program with Charm City (now YogaWorks) in Baltimore, MD. Most recently, she completed an 800-Hour Yoga Professional Yoga Therapy training with Integrative Yoga Therapy in the summer of 2015. She continues to practice, study, and learn in order to share the benefits of yoga with all of her students.

Nicki Corridori

Nicki's personal practice began in 2007 while living in Brazil where she began to gravitate towards yoga and meditation as a way to become more grounded as well as awaken her cultural consciousness.  Her teaching is woven together by diverse personal and professional experiences, places, teachers, and lessons; ultimately becoming the threads in the evolving tapestry in her personal practice.  It is Nicki’s belief that sharing what she has learned from her own practice, cultivated from both struggle and success, will inspire students to meet and transcend on the mat. Transformation is her intention and what she strives to achieve in her classes as she believes that intentions are set based on understanding what matters most –a journey of self-discovery.  Nicki loves creating unique workshops and training programs to encourage her students to tap into a deeper practice of self-awareness.  She is a member of the faculty for Tulaa Yoga Studio’s 200HR Yoga Teacher Training Program, RYT certified by Dhyana Yoga Philadelphia and is an Aquarian Teacher of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Training as taught by Yogi Bhajan certified by the Kundalini Research Institute at The Khalsa Healing Arts & Yoga Center.  Nicki is also a dōTERRA wellness educator and leader who empowers individuals to take control of their physical mental and spiritual health using natural options.

Nicole Domenic

Nicole found her love for teaching early on and at the age of 19 became a ballroom dance instructor.  Soon after, (in 2002) she found yoga and has been hooked ever since.  Nicole completed the 200hr YTT at Tulaa Yoga studio in March 2014.  She is always excited and eager to share her love of not only the physical benefits, but the spiritual and philosophical side of practicing yoga.  Nicole enjoys combining all of these aspects into her classes, focusing on bringing the breath, the mind, the soul and body together to create a holistic experience for her students.  Now having completed her Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist certification she loves infusing her yoga classes with the wisdom and teachings of Ayurveda.  Nicole continues to pursue her love of Ayurveda and Yoga by offering workshops on anything from just the basics to cooking with the six tastes.   As a lifelong student, Nicole continues to pursue additional training to infuse new knowledge to her teaching and personal practice.

Erin McCloskey

Erin McCloskey is a licensed counselor, Ayurvedic educator, meditation teacher and certified yoga instructor. She weaves together the practical and mystic in the classes she teaches offering students the tools, practices and techniques that have made an impact on her life. In her private practice she specializes in management of anxiety with women that are sensitive to the energy around them, empathetic and desiring holistic, natural ways to feel better. Her passion is empowering clients to be active participants in their well-being through an understanding of the relationships between their body, mind and spirit - increasing trust in their intuition and improving the skills available to them.

Sarah Leaman

I began practicing yoga over ten years ago, I was looking for a way to work through the stress of teaching Special Education in a Philadelphia public school. After my first power yoga class I thought I was going to pass-out, but I was hooked! I found yoga was not only a great way to relieve stress, but made me strong and more balanced both physically and mentally. My world completely changed in 2012 when my daughter was born. It was then that I became more aware and devoted to my practice. I began practicing yoga everyday and I felt transformed. I completed my 200 hour yoga training with Bill Raup at Power Yoga Works in the summer of 2014. I continue to be a student of yoga, always working to grow in my own practice and be inspired by others. I completed a second certification as a Child Light Yoga Instructor in 2015. Now I can share the love of my practice with my daughter, son, and other aspiring yogis! I think yoga is for everyone, it’s just a matter of finding your right fit!

Stephanie Hanna

Stephanie first found yoga as a father/daughter bonding experience and fell in love with the practice immediately. Coming from an athletic and gym background she enjoyed the physical aspect of the practice, but it was really it’s teachings that kept her coming back for more. Yoga was part of her nature before she knew it, and had become a place for healing, exploration, and growth. After 12 years of practice she began teaching in 2015 while enrolled in the 200-Hour Teacher Training Program through Now:Yoga which was completed in 2016. She has since completed Restorative Yoga Teacher Training followed by Barre Teacher Training in 2017, both at Tulaa. Also being a huge lover of kids and wanting to help create a more mindful world, she has completed Kids Yoga Teacher Training through Petite Yogi.  With a strong focus on safety through alignment, Stephanie also likes to inspire her fellow yogis to make their practice their own, and most importantly explore and play!

When not on her mat you will often find her outside exploring with her pup, crafting, playing with other people’s kids and animals, eating tacos, drinking wine and craft beer. Hey, it’s all about balance, right?

Eileen D'Angelo

I first discovered yoga 17 years ago and immediately fell in love with the practice.  After seeing the physical, mental and spiritual benefits in my life, I knew I wanted to share this practice with others and became certified in 2003.  Having always been involved with fitness and wellness, yoga is a great addition to anyone’s fitness regime.  The awareness of the breath is what separates yoga from other types of fitness as it allows us to come back to peace and calm the restless mind.
I like to remind students to have fun in class while also challenging the body.  I continue to study, practice and attend workshops to share the benefits of yoga with others and look forward to working the the Tulaa yoga family!

Emily Mannis

Emily's interest in health and wellness has been a long and at times challenging journey.  Since a young age, she’s been delving into all types of sports and areas of fitness, but unfortunately her options became limited after an injury in 2009 that left her with a serious back condition.  Knowing she needed to modify her method of staying in shape, it was strongly suggested that she find a lower impact form of exercise.  At the suggestion of a family member, Emily tried a Barre class and immediately knew she had found a way to keep strong and fit while honoring her limitations. 


Emily completed the Tulaa Barre Certification in July 2015 which sparked her love for teaching.  It had been a dream of hers to someday teach yoga for the physical and spiritual benefits and is now RYT certified through Tulaa’'s Yoga Teacher Training.  Learning her limitations through her own practice has led her on a journey of wanting to share these modified movements with those who may have similar physical limitations and to let others know that you can maintain physical health while living with an injury.

Zoe Parente

A Rhode Island native, Zoe has been teaching children's yoga for four years. She first fell in love with yoga while working as a camp counselor, realizing it was love at first pose. Zoe completed her children's yoga certification through Karma Kids yoga in 2012. Zoe is excited by the energy and flow of children's yoga. She enjoys being a child herself while mooing in cow pose and barking in down dog. Zoe strives to provide children with the opportunity to stay physically active while combating the stresses of everyday life and competitive sports. She enjoys filling her classes with music, crafts and laughter, allowing children to benefit from you while continuing to act and enjoy being a child.

Emily Zucal

A lifelong love of sports and fitness had Emily involved in organized sports all through adolescence. She loved to try new things and will often give the newest fitness craze a try. More than 15 years ago her mother introduced her to barre and she instantly knew it was no craze! She has been practicing the method ever since, and it's the one thing she always returns to. She is so passionate about barre because it's always a challenge and the results are amazing! Emily is excited to be joining the Tulaa family and looks forward to helping our students meet their fitness goals. See you at the barre!

Kimmy Turtle

“11/7/07 ~ 1st day of Yoga.  I think I am going to like Yoga.  It seems to fit where I am right now…”  This was my journal entry from 11 ½ years ago.  Little did I know that I was already hooked!  My heart has been in the yoga studio since my very first class.  Although many years have passed, my interest for the yoga practice and everything associated with it has only become stronger.

Wanting to share the benefits of Yoga and how it has greatly impacted my life brought me to Tulaa’s 200-hour YTT last year.  Vinyasa has helped me feel stronger and healthier while at the same time is a moving meditation.  Acceptance of your body and gratitude for where you’ve been, where you ARE and where you may go are reasons to keep coming back to your mat.  The way Yoga connects the mind, body and spirit is truly a gift for life both in and out of the studio!

Kayla Flynn

Kayla was first introduced to yoga and barre after graduating from college in 2010. She discovered that moving her body in a new way not only helped her body transform, but helped her restore mental focus and clarity.  Kayla completed her barre certification in April 2015.  Her goal is to create a positive and fun atmosphere while motivating her students to challenge themselves. Kayla is a special education teacher and she is excited to bring her passion for teaching, and dedication to health and fitness to Tulaa!

Sarah Brooks

Sarah has participated in a life-long love affair with fitness related activities and healthy choices. From outdoor hiking, competitive horseback riding, running, yoga, interval training and barre, she enjoys any activity that doesn't feel like work. After attending her first barre class almost two years ago, she found a fitness routine that she loved, didn't bore her and challenged both her mind and body. Sarah is thrilled to be joining the Tulaa Team as an instructor and strives to share her enthusiasm for barre with her students. Sarah will happily remind the class that burning and shaking is good with a big smile on her face!

Leah Rowe

Leah was first introduced to barre by her mom in 2013, who was excited to find a studio so close to home. After one class, she was hooked and has been an addict to barre fitness ever since! An avid runner and adventurer who enjoys being "on the go", Leah was excited to add barre to her exercise regime, which includes yoga, salsa lessons, cycling, hiking, keeping up with children and walking dogs as part of her business, For the Love of Dogs LLC. Looking for another entrepreneurial venture, Leah completed her Barre Instructor Certification in April 2015 and is excited to be a part of the Tulaa family. She is looking forward to helping others to transform their bodies and hopes to elicit a sense of excitement for working out from her students. Exercise can be fun and rewarding even if it is challenging. Just think how good you'll feel when you're finished, both in body and mind!


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